A couple in Jamaica Plain decided to do a full renovation to their kitchen. They did some of the work themselves. They tore the walls down to the studs and then had a contractor come in and put up new walls, flooring and a ceiling. They called me to come in and install the cabinetry and build a few custom pieces.

They had some great ideas for the custom pieces. They wanted two pieces with a clever geometric design that were painted one color on the outside and a second color on the inside to create more dimension. They also wanted to make the backs of each piece to be made of an entirely different material. We decided on barn board. I was excited to build these two cabinets and also a custom wine rack that they had designed. It was challenging working with the barn board because they were purchased rough and needed to be fashioned into dimensions that were usable. I carefully selected each board to create an attractive pattern for the backs of the cabinets.

All my work was worth it in the end. They far exceeded the customers expectations as well.

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