From the moment I met with the customers for this piece I was excited to see itcompleted. They had great little place in an old school building but it had almost no storage and an odd and unused corner that was part of an oversized entryway. The home owner had a perfect plan to fill the space with a piece that was cleverly designed for storage and beautiful to look at. The main challenge of this job was the height. The cabinets fit between the floor and the 12′ foot ceilings. Getting the cabs up top took a bit of ancient Egyptian ingenuity. One of my favorite parts of this built-in is the rolling ladder. Another great idea from the home owner. It allows access to the upper cabinets and easily rolls out of the way to get into the lower ones. It adds an attractive dimension and the finished wood creates a nice contrast with the painted cabinets.

The home owner couldn’t wait to fill this guy with things that have cluttered up her place for years. Because she had designed it for specific items it was a joy to watch her organize it just the way she had envisioned.

One of my favorite pieces!

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