The Walnut Wonder

Walnut is an amazing material to work with. It has a gorgeous tone and grain that pops out with just a bit of polyurethane. It is

Shoe Cabinet

I met with a home owner a little while back who needed a place to put her shoes when she came home and couldn’t figure out

Cherry Coffee Table

When I met with the home owners for this project they had designed this cherry coffee table and wanted to know if it could be done.

Cedar Planters

A local landscape designer approached me to build these beautiful cedar planters for a project in Maine. I liked the design becauseeach of the four square

Radiator Cover Bench with Storage

This was a fun piece. As the title implies, it serves three functions. It covers the radiator which is important because the home owners have a

Reclaimed Lumber Counter with Boiler Fin Supports

There were some aspects of this job was not clear to me when I first spoke with the designer. I was asked to construct a counter

Wainscoting & Radiator Covers with Bookshelves

Beautiful home in Newton Massachusets, gave the enryway a face lift with 3 foot high wainscotting around the entire front entry and staircase. Alsoincluded twin