Built in with Cherry Accents

I’m very happy with this piece. From the beginning I was excited about it because I loved the design and knew it would fit very

Maple Tables for Local Restaurant

When a couple of local folks decided to have new tables made to dress up their restaurant they called me to help design something for

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

A couple in Jamaica Plain decided to do a full renovation to their kitchen. They did some of the work themselves. They tore the walls

Cherry Radiator Covers

I have done many radiators of all shapes and sizes to match every type of space and aesthetic. While I like the classic look of

12-Foot Built-In!

From the moment I met with the customers for this piece I was excited to see itcompleted. They had great little place in an old

Room Full of Built-Ins

This is one of my favorite sets. The piece with the doors is beautiful and provides a lot of storage. It was designed to be able

Built-In Over Doorway

This is another one of my favorite pieces. I really like the proportions of this piece and the way the crown molding ties it in to

Bead Board Built-In

This piece has a really nice feel to it. I think the home owner was a little unsure of how it would look in her place

Custom Refrigerator Doors & Matching Pantry

Several years ago a customer asked me to build a maple pantry unit with an arched top on the door design that matched the existing moldings